Zero Effort Deals: How document automation reduces deal length

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How Zero Effort Deals™ works.

Start your project & upload your documents

Start off your new project by uploading your coded documents to our platform. You can even start a new project from a clone, eliminating the need to upload documents at all.

Fill in your project's details in the Input Form

dealcloser will generate a dynamic Input Form based on your coded documents. Simply fill out the Input Form in dealcloser and we'll complete your documents for you!

Making changes is simple

If a closing date gets pushed or a detail needs to be changed simply change that detail in the Input Form and we'll update all of your documents for you in moments.

dealcloser distributes your documents automatically

To complete the deal, dealcloser will distribute your documents for signature, send reminders to your clients and generate a closing book with the click of a button.

Learn how document automation is transforming M&A workflows.

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